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JANUARY 1, 2021 - DECEMBER 31, 2022

For the purpose of this incentive, a new business:

  • Is considered a place where commercial activity or enterprise customarily engaged in as a means of livelihood or occupation, usually although not necessarily with intention of producing gain or profit and must have a business store-front.
  • Must not have been established or open for business to the public prior to October 1, 2019.
  • Must be within the city limits of Fayette.

After 12 months of business where the new business has been opened to the public, the business may turn in a completed Business Marketing application along with receipts, proof of payments and proof of advertisements (ads) that indicate any marketing/ads of their new business to the City Administrator/Clerk at Fayette City Hall, 11 S. Main Street, Fayette, Iowa.  Paid marketing/ads include ads in newspapers, magazines, on the radio, on the television, on social media and billboards.  Other forms of marketing/ads may also be approved by the Fayette City Council.

The new business will be reimbursed, as long as funds are available, by the City of Fayette for up to $1,000 in any marketing/ads completed within the first 12 months of the new business opening to the public, after being reviewed and approved by the Fayette City Council and funds awarded as the council deems best promotes the purpose of the incentive.

For the purpose of this incentive, a qualified applicant is defined as the current owner of the new business.

Non-profit organizations are not eligible for these incentive funds unless prior approval from the City Council.

Applications will not be approved immediately, so the City Council will have time to review all documentation submitted.

Fayette's downtown business district is in an Urban Revitalization area so property owners may get a three year 100% tax abatement on improvements made to a building. 

Also, if a new business constructs a new building in our Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, then the city can give a Tax Abatement through TIF. 

Call or stop by Fayette City Hall, 11 S. Main Street, and ask about these incentives.    


IASourceLink is a free state resource providing small business information and connecting entrepreneurs to the right resources they need to start or grow their business. Click on the link below:

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